Chia seed slime candy cane

I made chia seed slime earlier in the year and the boys quite enjoyed it.  Given the need for entertainment at home, I gave it another go with a festive theme!  

Candy cane shape with chia seed slime

I didn't plan ahead and soak the chia seeds overnight like last time.  However not to be deterred from making slime for the same day, I soaked the seeds in boiling water for an hour instead.  I mixed 40ml chia seeds with 280ml water, then added 300g of cornflour.  I coloured about half of the mix with red food colouring.  This worked fine, but would have been easier to split the mix before adding the cornflour and colour the chia/water mixture, but that's a lesson learnt for next time!

Playing with the slime

I made a candy cane shape with the white and red chia slime on the table for the boys to explore, giving them some measuring spoons and cups.  We talked about how it takes the shape of the containers they scooped it into like a liquid, but if you try and move it quickly, it acts like a solid so you can roll it and if you hit it your hand doesn't go through.  My 4 year old gave me some examples of other solids and liquids as he played.

The candy cane became a pink snowman!

I let the boys play as they wanted to, scooping and mixing.  It went from red and white to patchy pink, and they decided to add some of the coloured pasta they'd been playing with earlier to make it into a snowman.  The big one enjoyed designing the snowman, but the little one was particularly taken by the slime, and spent a good half hour exploring and then showing my parents on a video call!