About me

I'm Lara, a mummy to two young boys, and enthusiastic about science.

My eldest son has just reached an age where he's able to understand basic scientific concepts and is keen to do so.  I've therefore started building these into our play and learning together at home as I've found he enjoys doing things where he's learning more about how the world around him works.  I hope to continue as long as he and his brother (who is currently a toddler) want to do such activities with me!

My degree and PhD were in scientific subjects but I pursued a career that took me away from the lab bench (although not totally away from science).  I also spent some of my time at University doing science outreach and communication with Cambridge Hands-On Science and I really enjoyed the many sessions we ran with children. I always preferred the slightly older audience which was closer to the undergraduates I spent three years teaching.  However, now I have little ones myself I'm trying to find ways to explain things that they can relate to, and ways to demonstrate them which fit their shorter attention span and greater clumsiness! 

You can read more about why I set up this blog in my first post here.  I hope you enjoy sharing some of our experiences and I'd love to know if you try any of my ideas out successfully or unsuccessfully with other children.